Thank you ALL for making the Opening Reception & Awards Presentation spectacular, inspiring and fun! Marylou and I are getting some much needed rest, so stay tuned for more thank you’s and acknowledgements!

Close to 100 residents, neighbors, family and friends attended the much-anticipated event of the year to find out whom among the 12 Finalists would receive top honors. The Clubhouse was transformed into a Gallery, and all attendees became judges for the night as they cast their “People’s Choice Vote” for their favorite photo they wished to see on the cover of the upcoming “Spirit of North Shore Beach” Photo Calendar 2010.

“Independence Day: The Spirit of Celebration” by
Stephanie Brick (New Hope, PA)

2BrickJuly4RockyPointBeach LO

Stephanie Brick from New Hope, PA wowed the crowd and took the vote with her stunning photo titled “Independence Day: The Spirit of Celebration”. Set against a dramatic Long Island Sound and sea cliff backdrop, the photo shows a celebratory crowd enjoying a nighttime Fourth of July fireworks display at Broadway Beach. Fireworks can be seen as far away as Port Jefferson and along the Connecticut horizon.

“Fiery Snow Scene” by Howard Stevens (Rocky Point)

1StevensFierySnowScene LO

“Independence Day: The Spirit of Celebration” by Stephanie Brick (New Hope, PA)

2BrickJuly4RockyPointBeach LO

“Ways to the Beach” by George Bambara (Staten Island & Rocky Point)

3BambaraWaystoBeach LO

“Guitar and Converse” by Rachel Mannetta (Age 14) (Rocky Point)

1MannettaGuitars LO

“Red Rose” by Rachel Mannetta (Age 14) (Rocky Point)

2MannettaRedRose LO

“Flower Sniff” by Claire Paetzel (Age 3) (Mattituck, NY)

3PaetzelFlowerSniff1Adjusted LO

“Retaining Wall” by Michelle Wacker (Rocky Point)

*Wackerretainingwall LO

Rocky Point Path to the Beach” by Linda Jacobellis (Rocky Point)

*JacobellisRocky Point path to beach LO

“Stormy Long Island Sound” by Howard Stevens (Rocky Point)

*StevensStormy LI Sound LO

“Hallock Rock at Sunset” by Erica Pereira (Washington, DC)

*MullerHallockRockAtSunset LO

“Gully to Heaven” by Erica Pereira (Washington, DC)

*MullerGullyToHeaven LO

“At Day’s End” by George Bambara (Staten Island & Rocky Point)

*BambaraAtDaysEnd LO

“Daddy on the Boat with the Fluke” by Caroline Mugno (Age 5) (Avon, CT)

MugnoCaroline LO

“Broadway Beach Sunrise” by Marina Rohrbach (Age 8) (Rocky Point)

Marina LO

“Steps” by Dimitry Rohrbach (Age 14) (Rocky Point)

Dimitry LO


Contest Winners in attendance:
(Back row, left to right): Marylou Stewart-Co-chair, Marina Rohrbach, Linda Jacobellis, George Bambara, Howard Stevens and Dimitry Rohrbach
(Front row, left to right): Andrew Mugno (future shutterbug), Claire Paetzel, Caroline Mugno, Rachel Mannetta and Alina Wilczynski-Co-Chair


Click here to see ALL 179 PHOTOS from the Event!



Many thanks to:

Stacy Paeztel (for being the impetus for this project and for lending us the digital projector), Charles & Susan Bevington (for their support the entire year and for helping with the reception), Rory Rubino (for pulling out the stops on selling sponsorships and for her unending encouragement and enthusiasm), George Bambara (for securing sponsorships and for advice and guidance all along the way), Maureen OKeefe & Ann Jarsky (for helping to make the reception the beautiful affair that it was, including handling the food, sign-in table, raffle and for being our cheerleaders), Meg Reily (ditto!), Linda Albo & the NSBPOA Board (for giving us the opportunity to host this special event), Sam Levitan (for printing all of the display photos and prints given to all the winners and for helping with the Photo Walkabout), Aliya Hallim-Byne (for taking photos and helping with the reception), Connie Lervolino (for helping with sponsorship), Connie and Ralph Lervolino (for donating their 50/50 winnings!), Michelle Sullivan (for lending us her beautiful easles) and Charlene Harvey (for jazzing up our press releases). More thank you’s to come as the project continues into 2010!


NSBclubhouselo NSBeventphotolo

Help us congratulate our Photo Contest participants!

You are invited to attend the Opening Reception & Awards Presentation, 6pm on Saturday, September 12, 2009. Light refreshments, desserts and beverages will be served.

The NSBPOA Clubhouse will be transformed into a Gallery for one night only! You will have a chance to meet our twelve Finalists, view their winning entries and cast your People’s Choice Vote for the photo you think should appear on the Cover of the spectacular “2010 Spirit of North Shore Beach Photo Calendar” to be printed later this year.

All of the nearly 100 submissions will also be shown in a rotating slideshow. And all entries, including non-finalists, will also be shown in the “Honorable Mentions” section of the Calendar. Most of our panel of Judges will also be attending.

Viewing photos and Voting begins at 6pm, but the fun begins at 7pm when the Finalists find out if they are First, Second & Third Prize Winners. First, Second & Third Prize winning Shutterbugs (Ages 15 & under) will get their moment in the spotlight too. Runner’s Up and Honorable Mentions will also be awarded, and the People’s Choice Award will be announced at the very end of the night.

Everyone will have a chance to be a winner with a 50/50 and other prize give-aways. Prizes include goodies from the new North Shore Beach CafePress online store, including two Coffee Mugs, a Travel Mug, a Sigg Water Bottle, a Tote Bag and a Baseball Hat, all imprinted with the Summer of 2009 NSBPOA Seagull Design. You can see these items and more at

As a bonus, you’ll be the first to get a sneak peak at the Photo Calendar that everyone can’t wait to see! We’ll have a sample on hand, and if you place your pre-orders on the night of the Reception, shipping is on us. After September 12th, information on how to order Calendars will be on this blog.

Photos taken at the event may appear in the local press, check the Blog for when and where to look for them!

Get directions to The NSBPOA Clubhouse on the MAP page.

See you on the 12th! And Best of Luck to our Finalists!


2 responses

14 09 2009
Art & CAthy Rasmussen

To all-

A GREAT night-Well organized and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

28 09 2009
Rory Rubino

Marylou and Alina did a fabulous job. We owe them a great big thanks for all of their considerable efforts. Bravo ladies!!!

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